Dangerous Parking Lot Turned Safe

Branden Ayers, Contributor

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   The parking lot was a problem at MFL MarMac high school in past years. There were lots of dings and dents being made to cars in the parking lot, and lots of people being scared to walk to their cars because of some of the actions of other students whether it was speeding through lanes, revving up engines, or squealing tires as people were leaving. It has even drawn the attention of the local police. Tickets, fines, and even a few loss of licenses have been issued because of the actions in the parking lot. The new principal Mr. Meyer has given students new expectations to follow in the parking lot, and new rules. The new parking lot rule, last year, took away assigned parking spots. Most of the seniors, last year, were very upset that they lost their parking spots, but it did seem to help the situation. Lots of the individuals that were causing problems were either talked to by Mr. Meyer or authorities.

    Senior Michael Berger says, “Losing the parking spot seemed horrible at the time, but now we have accepted it and realized that it keeps us safer.” Mason Hertrampf senior says,”Last year was really bad. I didn’t want to walk in the parking lot because I thought I would be hit by a speeding car. This year it has been so much better, I really like the first come first serve set up because I weight lift in the morning, and get a really close spot.”

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Dangerous Parking Lot Turned Safe