Students Graduating Early

Jerica Meana, Contributor

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Pictured are the eight students who are graduating early. Front: Avrey Smith, Brandi Schneider, and Amber Gramlich. Back: Devin Tielbar, Levi Miles, Christa Lee, Sam Kvistad, and Hunter Boone.

At MFL MarMac High School, senior students are given the opportunity to “graduate early” if they choose. If a student graduates early, he/she only takes classes during the first semester of their senior year, and they finish classes at the end of the first semester. These students are still given the opportunity to walk at graduation with the rest of their class. The last day of school for students graduating early will be December 22.

One student, Levi Miles, said he is graduating early because “I want to get a full-time job to make money.” Several other students are graduating early for the same reason. 

Larry Meyer, high school principal at MFL Mar Mac, said, “I think it’s a very good thing for some students. Some seniors are very mature and can move on from high school. They have their post-high school plans set well enough, and it’s a good way for some people to get a head start. Some graduate early to join the military, and that’s a good thing as well.” Even for those attending college, Meyer says, “It’s a good way to put away some money (for college).”

For a student to graduate early, he/she must have all their credits required to graduate (48) and pass all required classes. The student and their parents must sign a form, then the form is directed to the school board who gets the final say if they can graduate early or not.

This year, there are eight students graduating early. Meyer has stated, “That’s a high number. I am a little bit surprised by it because it is fairly high. I talked to Dr. Crozier (Superintendent at MFL MarMac), and he doesn’t remember when there have been that many kids who wanted to graduate early. It’s up quite a bit from previous years.”



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Students Graduating Early