Coach’s Weigh in on Kneeling During the Anthem

Michael Berger, Contributor

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Kneeling during the National Anthem has been an area of controversy in the NFL and is now starting to trickle down into high school football.

High School Principal and former baseball coach, Mr. Larry Meyer, says, “I’m old school. I believe the anthem is about the service men and women who have died for our freedoms, therefore I get extremely upset when people kneel for the anthem. I believe they can find other venues to make their point about racial inequality or whatever their issues are, but the flag needs to be respected and people need to stand.” 

Mr. Meyer’s opinion is a very popular one among the MFL MarMac school. Many people feel very disrespected and just outright mad at NFL players kneeling for the Anthem. Although a lot of athletes are doing this, Mr. Meyer does not believe that it is just a publicity stunt trying to save a once great career that has gotten a little shaky. When asked if he thought these athletes were doing it for publicity or in honest protest, he answered with, “I think they actually do it as a blatant protest, but their focus is misguided or gone astray.”

A.D. and head football coach Mr. Tom Oppelt tells about his opinions and how he would handle his players taking a knee. “I don’t feel like kneeling is disrespectful because you kneel to show respect to God, but sitting or turning your back is disrespectful. It’s probably not the right place to make their point, but their point has nothing to do with the flag or the people who have served.”

Being the Head Coach of the MFL MarMac football team, Mr. Oppelt was asked if he thought that this would ever happen to his team. His response was short and sweet as he just answered with, “No. I believe our team has the same belief that you need to stand.” Mr. Oppelt explains that he sees this coming to an end. ”I do see it at some point coming to an end, but I don’t see the treatment of minorities ever changing in the U.S.” 




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Coach’s Weigh in on Kneeling During the Anthem