Technology Use in Elementary Levels

Jade Gerndt, Contributor

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Elementary students are using up to date technology. The forms of technology used are iPads and laptops. The elementary has had access to the iPads for years now, however, the school has recently provided them with a new cart of iPads. There are a total of 60 iPads that are distributed throughout the elementary. Laptop carts are also accessible to the elementary students.

The technology is used for educational purposes. The iPads are mostly used for Jr. Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and first-grade classes. The laptops are mostly used in the second-grade and third-grade classes. Sometimes the first-grade classes get the opportunity to use the laptops as well. “The use of technology in the elementary is not required and is not a necessity throughout the day. It is an option for the teachers to use during their class time” an Elementary staff member stated. The Jr. Kindergarten, Kindergarten and first-grade use the technology for 30 minutes a day, depending on the schedule and the purpose.”

The programs used on the iPads and laptops consist of word processing and keyboarding programs. The first graders use the iPads for educational apps and games. They also sometimes do further research on topics they are completing a project for in class. Pam Havlicek, a first-grade teacher, said, “It’s really cool to see some of the students working together finding research, and if someone is having a problem, someone else can instantly help them out.” Technology almost acts like another learning subject during the school day. Some students who are not as advanced in math or science may have a stronger knowledge of technology.

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Technology Use in Elementary Levels